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Meet The Vendors


    We officially opened the doors of Antiques On York in September of 2013.  Vendors come and go, but we must say that we currently have the BEST mix of vendors yet!   We have never seen such a unique collection of original antiques, primitives, and vintage items.....  And it's just a bonus that these vendors are also the coolest & hardest working group of people that we have had the opportunity to collaborate with.   We're still updating our website with new vendor pictures so check back often, and don't forget to follow us on facebook!

Todd Murphy  
Ole Time Treasures
Booth #721
Carol Ahern Booth #18
Penny Norman &     Terry Padish
Booth #233
         Mary DeLattre            The Tin Rabbit
Booth #17



Rocky Collins Booth #14
Kim Ratliff Booth #32K



James Slifer  
Booth #H3
Mike Freed - Booth #20



Cheri Hawker Booth #55
Dave & Margaret Kemper Tackle Man - Booth #44



Patty Norton & Jason Allee Booth #21
Debbie Brooks - Booth#15



Mammy's Treasures
Candi Sutton Booth #7
Bill Baird - Old Barn New Booth #33
Gayle Kirchoff 
Gayle's Glass Garden Booth #6

Jim & Linda Lumsdon Booth #67

Marylyn Showalter & Son, Joe Showalter Booth #120
Gary & Jane Kehoe
Booth #77
Diana Bartlow Booth #16
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Chuck Conard Booth #68
Sports Memorabilia
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